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Women haircut service

Women’s Dry Cut

Dry cut is especially for women with thick hair, this helps to eliminate bulk where it is needed and add thickness and body.
$35 & up

Women’s Haircut

Styling of the hair is what our hair stylist is trained to do, just come in and tell them what you want to get done. This includes a hair wash, cut and style.
$55 & up

Permanent Wave

Depending on your taste, if you are looking to add waves, body or curls, a perm may be just the thing for you, includes a hair cut.
$135 & up


Women other services

Women’ Roller Set

Before hair straighteners, and curling irons hair stylist learned to set hair without heat. Curling wet hair in different size curlers allowed the hair naturally dry into desirable styles. Includes a hair wash, set, dry, and style.
$35 & up

Women’s Updos Styles

Do you have a special event to attend? Do you want to look your best for a night out? From modern to traditional hair styles our stylist are trained to give you the best look for any occasion. Come in with clean, and dry hair for us to be able to give you the style you are looking for. Includes just a hair styling.
$95 & up

Bridal Updos Styles

For your very special day. We will have you photo ready.
$125 & up

Deep Conditioning

This restores the moisture and shine into your hair, this treatment leaves your hair feeling soft, manageable, reducing breakage, and split ends. Includes a wash.
$30 & up

Men services

Men’s Haircut

A regular haircut is a men’s and boys hairstyle that has hair long enough to comb on top, a defined or deconstructed side part, and a short, semi-short, medium, long, or extra-long back and side. Includes a hair wash, cut, and style.
$30 & up

Men’s Color

This process is to change the color of the hair by either covering gray spots, changing the color, or to restore your natural hair color. Includes a hair color, cut, wash and style.
$95 & up

Children services (under 10 years old)

Kids hair cut

Cutting and shaping your child(s) hair is what we do best. Come in and tell our stylist what you want for your little ones. Includes a hair wash, cut, and style.
$25 & up

Hair color & Highlight services

Full highlights

Highlights that are placed all over the hair to have an effect of brightening and or framing your face.
$115 & up

Partial highlights

Highlights that are placed by your face to brighten or frame your face. Includes a hair wash, color, and style.
$95 & up

Women’s Color

This process is to change the color of the hair, this can be to cover gray hair, change the color, or to restore your natural hair color back. Includes a hair color, wash, and style.
$75 & up

Balayage/ Ombre

A Balayage creates a more natural sun kissed highlights throughout the whole head, creating a dimension of dark hair underneath. Ombre is a technique where you gradually lighten up the hair. Includes a hair wash, color, and style.
$95 & up

Special Package

Color, highlight, cut and blow dry.
$185 & up


This revolutionary smoothing system infuses keratin deep into the hair cuticle reducing up to 95% of frizz and curl leaving the hair smooth, shiny and luxurious. Results typically last up to 5 months depending on the hair type. This includes a hair wash, treatment, dry and iron.
$300 & up

Keratin Express Blowout

When you are on the go and time is tight Keratin Express Blowout helps reduce frizz, and also cuts blow-dry time and seals in color – express post waiting time 8 hours, lashing up to 6 weeks.
$150 & up

Japanese Straightening

Known as permanent straightening, it is a thermal reconditioning process which is the best for bulky, loose to medium curls. It is permanent until the new growth comes in. Includes a wash, treatment, blow-dry, iron.
$450 & up

Color correction

Stop by for consultation.
$155 & up

* All chemical services do not include cut and style.
* All chemical services descriptions onit – wash, cut color & style.
* All glass and toner addition change.

Wax services


Removal of the hair above the lip and chin.


Eyebrows frame the face, we carefully shape and remove unwanted hair, in order to suit your faces needs.

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